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IP67 LED Driver 240W No flicker AC100-277V with 5 years warranty

IP67 LED Driver 240W No flicker AC100-277V with 5 years warranty



Technical Parameters: 
Model No.: MOL-HLB-240W
Power: 240W
Input voltage: AC100-265V / AC100-277V, 50/60Hz
Output voltage: DC25-36V / DC30-42V / DC36-48V can be custom-made.
Output current:  5200mA / 6000mA / 7200mA
Working Efficiency: 90%
PF: >0.98
Product dimension: 208*67*42mm
Certificate: CE RoHS  3C
Waterproof level: IP67
Quality guarantee: 3 years or 5 years
Application for LED street light, LED tunnel light and LED highbay light etc.
Besides, 50W, 60W, 80W, 100W, 100W, 150W, 180W and 200W also can be available.



Model No MOL-HLB-240W Power 240W
Input voltage AC100-265V / AC100-277V, 50/60Hz Output voltage DC25-36V / DC30-42V / DC36-48V
Output current 5200mA / 6000mA / 7200mA Working Efficiency 90%
PF >0.98 Product dimension 208*67*42mm
Certificate CE RoHS  3C Quality guarantee 3 years or 5 years

More Features:

* Using original imported IC, high temperature and long life ruby capacitor, Toshiba MOS. The power supply complies with global standards, with stable and reliable quality and stable performance.
* With perfect overvoltage, overload, over temperature, short circuit, open circuit protection (automatic recovery).
* High-precision output current ±3%, small DC ripple, high working switching frequency, low temperature, long service life.
* High-precision constant output current, low noise (designed according to LED characteristics) to ensure safer and more stable use of LED lamps.
*100% load aging test and full function test.
*All-aluminum shell, fully sealed and filled with silicone IP67 waterproof.
*More suitable for various outdoor high-power LED lamps.

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